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Janice is an Internationally Accredited Journey Practitioner having completed the extensive Therapist Training Program with Brandon Bays. She is also an Accredited Journey Massage/Reiki Practitioner, where clients are assisted through the Journey process with hands-on support.  

Much work is being done on cellular memory and cellular healing. It is known that the conscious mind judges, rationalises, plans, justifies etc. However, it has now become known that the sub-conscious mind cannot tell the difference between fact/actual time and memory - hence if a person is frightened by a dog at aged one year old, they can remain frightened of dogs for their whole life. This is because the memory that "dogs are scary" is locked into the cellular memory (subconscious) and cannot be released through conscious effort.

With a Journey process, through a kind of guided meditation, a client is guided by their own Higher Self back to a particular memory that caused a blockage (or shut down) in their body - and this blockage is subsequently released through the process. The client always has complete awareness, and Jan cannot in any way influence the client's experience or the outcome. So Jan's ego, perceptions or impressions do not enter into the process in any way - it is the client's Journey - and Jan is only there to assist in releasing the pain, with skills learnt in her 15 month training period with Brandon.

Each Journey process is perfect - it is impossible to "get it wrong", as the clients own Body Wisdom guides the whole process and will work on that which it feels to be most important at that time. In fact, it is not usual for the conscious mind to influence the process in any way. Jan has found that if a client comes to her with wanting to (consciously) work on a particular issue, their own Body Wisdom may seem to work on something quite different but which may actually have been the CAUSE of the problem!

A Journey process takes from one hour up to three hours and can take many forms, including the Emotional, Physical, Designer, Abundance, Life's Purpose, Vow Chang or Pain Control processes. Journeys can allow the client to break old irrelevant vows that have been made, address physical pain issues, work on phobias and addictions, they can cut the karmic ties that bind the client (inappropriately) to others.  Beautiful processes have been designed to assist in healing grief, loss, judgement etc. Some clients may need a combination of these and/or other tools during their process.

A process  involves the client sitting in a comfortable chair, being led through a relaxing meditation, and then gaining access to the blockage/pain stored within the cellular memory of the body.  If preferred the client may like to lay on a massage table (fully clothed except for shoes) where Janice assists in the release of the cellular memories through non-intrusive hands-on Reiki/Massage support. Crystals are sometimes used during this process, especially if the client likes crystals.

It is hard to think of any problems that cannot be helped by a Journey process. It can assist with all kinds of physical dis-ease, phobias, attitudes, negative thinking or behavioural patterns, addictions, physical and mental pain, the terminally ill, as well as with bereavement etc. The process is healing and enlightening, allowing old pain to be felt and released - and a sense of freedom and empowerment results! The shifts are at times quite subtle, and often cannot be explained by the client - but they are extremely powerful, and open the doorway towards change and healing

During the process, the client gains insight into tools and skills they can use in their daily lives to help them remember who they truly are, and to assist in clearing further blockages/pain if they so desire. Clients realise after a process that all pain is better out than in! They look and feel much lighter as well, as if a huge load had been lifted from their Being (as indeed it has). 

A Journey process is relevant to all people between the ages of 5 to 105. Young children undergo a different process to an adult, and it is much quicker - usually no more than half an hour. Classroom Journey processes can also be given to a class/group of children - about an hour in duration. Janice is available to work with children in the school environment as well as in private consultations. She also holds fun healing half day workshops for children, where classroom Journey processes are conducted, and children get a chance to better understand their feelings and to use appropriate tools to help them cope in their school and/or home environment. 


Brandon developed the Journey process while curing herself of a football sized tumour in her body some years ago. She has written three books - The Journey, The Journey for Kids and Freedom Is.  She has nearly finished another book.   She has many beautiful meditation cds. as well as cards and other material. Many different types of workshops are held regularly in countries all over the world, with dates and venues  available from her website. These workshops are thoroughly recommended, for they allow participants to experience release, inner peace, a sense of who they really are - resulting in a sense of awe and freedom - and they also get the opportunity to virtually bathe in the presence of a Master! Perhaps even more importantly, participants gain the ability, and are encouraged, to work on themselves in the future, or swap Journey process with other participants. Brandon's website is

Consultation are held as follows -                                                                                                               Port Broughton - at a time and date to suit you - morning, afternoon, evening.  Seven days a week.      .  Yorke Peninsula - by arrangement..                                                                                                          Hope Valley - monthly, usually Friday to Monday.                                                                                   Further information -   If you leave a contact telephone number, she will ring you at your preferred time. 



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