Working with your Angels


A beautiful day, spent with Janice and her angels together with  participants and their angels. Topics in this full day workshop include:

* Angel cards & how to understand the messages contained within them.

* Meditation - how to help quieten the busy mind, what the colours mean etc.

* The infant’s questions - taken from the Kryon book of Parables by Lee Carroll.

* The GRACE Process

* Dreaming with your Angel

* The messages in colour

* Is it really my Angel?

* Manifesting with your Angel

* Opening your Third Eye

* Angel prayers

We will be spending the day together, where we will explore different ways of working with our angels. During the day we begin to understand that angels communicate with us in various ways - for some, there may be no words, but instead, a shift of feelings, colours, pictures, even music or smells may come through. Participants explore the way they can practice working with their angels.

Understanding the cards (Doreen Virtue's Angel cards are used) to assist us to interpret messages from our angels is also practiced. As well, we learn to interpret the different ways our heavenly friends help us in our day to day lives – but until this workshop, we may not always recognise the signs!

This is a gentle, beautiful workshop, where there is no pressure or expectations about how one "should" work with their angels - each person develops their own unique way of doing so in this safe and amazing workshop!


REMEMBER .. as with all workshops ... Janice can arrange to come to your home and hold this workshop with a minimum of four of your friends! YOU ATTEND FREE OF CHARGE, AS A SPECIAL "THANK YOU" GIFT.    Or, if you prefer, you can register to attend the next Workshop to be held in Hope Valley.

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