Old Venue - Janice's Soul Place


This photo was taken near the front verandah of their home, with a glimpse of the lake between the trees, and the Moujnt Lofty Ranges in the (very misty) background.  There is a double rainbow in this picture, (often seen over the lake), but the upper one is not clearly seen here.

The property was home to many species of birds, including magpies, kookaburras, wattle birds, crows, willy wag tails, as well as several species of honey eaters and finches, plus there was a family of blue fairy wrens that nest nearby.  Many different parrots visited including galahs, sulphur crested cockatoos, and rosellas.   There were also two pairs of yellow tailed black cockatoos that visited when the banksias were in seed.

When Janice and Leif purchased the land in late 1991 it had been overgrazed and was covered by Salvation Jane and other weeds.  They set about getting rid of the weeds and growing trees indigenous to the area.  They had hundreds of trees and bushes including many types of banksias, wattles, and eucalypts, including lemon scented, and red and white flowering gums.  There were also different hakeas, kangaroo paw, Christmas bush and sheoaks growing on the land.  The photos show a pin wheel hakea and the (then) 8 year old twins Brendan and Cody up one of the wattle trees.

They planted many fruit trees - but  never picked any fruit - the possums and birds got there first every year!

Many animals call the land "home", including kangaroos that visit most mornings and evenings, rabbbits, possums a stray echidna, and even a wombat stayed for awhile before moving on.  Eagles and hawks flew overhead periodically which sent the rabbits scurrying and the birds squawking.

The neighbours often commented on the fact that Janice and Leif had more kangaroos on their land than they had, and that their grass always seemed greener.  This can't really be explained, except that perhaps it was from  the beautiful healing and safe energy that is created by the workshops carried out there - which was felt by most people on arrival. It may also be due in part to an ancient Druid ceremony conducted some years ago by Janice, creating the land as a sanctuary for all Beings whether they be bird, animal, insect or human

The home itself was reasonbly small, sunrich and comfortable and set on 5 acres of land.  The room where workshops were held was in the front left of this photo, and when sitting in the room looking out of the window it felt as if you were actually out in nature - listening to the birds, watching them visit the bird bath, or maybe watching a kangaroo or two sleeping under the gum trees. 

There was no garden to speak of - just open space, trees and bushes - a bit like a park - a very peaceful and healing environment where people could relax, be themselves and re-charge their sense of spirit.

Janice and Leif believe they were truly blessed because the people who visited (whether it be just the once, or more often) helped create the beautiful place that it was.  And these Blessings and love will continue, and be built upon, in their new home by the sea on the Yorke Peninsula.

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