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 THANK YOU DARLING JANICE - for coming into my life and being such a wonderful inspiration       A role model, a friend, a HUGE inspiration.  Love Lorraine

Thank you Janice for all your love, support and shared wisdom. I am really grateful for your friendship. You really are a shining example of what living Love embodied looks like and I take great inspiration from all of the wonderful work that you do in the world. Thank you for being you and for being my friend.    Soli

I remember the weekend of the Retreat very clearly as it was quite a significant shift for me and the first time I had actually stayed overnight at Riverdell Sanctuary.  Hope you have the opportunity to run it again as it is very special. Cindy. 

" Thank you so much for that uplifting and inspiring message.  I could feel my energy fly with the words.  And to you my dearest sweetest soul, what a shining light you have been in my life.  I cannot even begin to put into words the extraordinary work you are doing.  I know you have encouraged and supported so many, and I am thankful to be one part of the many.  Janice Emily  you rock!   Shine on girl.  Cynthiax x"

You have been such a wonderful help to me this year.  I truly appreciate your spiritual guidance and friendship.  You are a special person and I'm sure much appreciated by all who know you.   Barbara

I have learnt so much from you.  You have helped me more than you will ever know.  An angel certainly guided me to you - hard to believe it was over five yeas ago!  Thank you for your friendship and support.  It has been an amazing journey, and I look forwrd to many more.     Sarah   

I enjoy your groups each week.  The friendship has helped me a lot, and I look forward to more of the same next year.  Love, Betty.

Dear Jan. Yes, as you say, we learn through hard times to appreciate the blessings we have. And thanks you for all your healing work and for helping me. We also fail to recognise and thank the people who come into our lives as teachers.  Love and blessings to you .  Lesley xx

My relationship with my son has changed amazingly, since I had a Journey process with you.  I feel free and light and in touch with my own Essence  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Caroline. 

I am so grateful M. introduced me to you, or for that matter - I was introduced to M. - and so on and so on…   You are indeed a gifted healer and amazingly empathetic.    Thank you.    Peter.   

Thanks so much for your support, guidance and friendship . You are a true Earth Angel and I feel blessed to have you in my life.   Blessings and love for the New Year to you, Leif and all your family CAROLYN : ) XX  

Jaice you are a port in a storm, a light at the end of a tunnel.  I was meant to find you!  I  feel a real connection to you and your way of thinking and I feel I am finally home with someone who really understands where I am coming from!  Love and blessings always.  Carolyn. 

Amongst other things I have learned Reiki 1 and 2 from Janice and have received many Reiki healings. I have also had various Journey processes with her which have allowed me to strip away huge barriers and forgive. Janice also combines a Journey process with Reiki which adds the feelings of safety, nurturing, love and extra healing to the Journey experience. The combination is truly awesome. I feel very lucky to know Janice, her Reiki healing energy is very powerful and nurturing, she is a wonderful teacher, healer and friend.       Namaste,  Kris    

The Circle of Stones Retreat was nurturing and supportive.  Even though at times I found it confronting, it was very special as it made me think and access, and really helped me a lot to grow and change.   Cindy,   

The whole Retreat was beautiful, peaceful, private and safe!   An excellent and supportive venue. Lisa,         

Once again, thank you for a beautiful weekend at the Circle of Stones Retreat.  I feel on top of the world!!! :) :) :)   Here is the poem I wrote at the Retreat, that I promised to email you.

All that lives
In peace and harmony
A ray of light
Forever protecting me

Loving with new warmth
I relish in my destiny
Dancing in the moonlight
Forgetting old history

Magic surrounds me
While trees sway
And flowers bloom,
I marinate in the sweet taste of life

He will call home very soon.....

Many thanks and big hugs from Martina xxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Janice, you are an angel from above, brought here to change the world.  You have truly changed my life in so many ways.  Your guidance and compassion have made life worth living.  I feel honoured to know you.  Thank you for all you have brought to this world.                    Hugs, Sarah

Janice, you do such wonderful work with us every week.  You have such a knowledge of everything spiritual!  I go away feeling really happy and knowing that I have learned a lot.  Thank you for your loving feelings for us all.   We really appreciate your empathy.       Love, Lena.  

Janice, your light has shone brighly and consistently throughout the years.  You have many times lighted my path and shown me the next step.  I feel blessed to have had you to guide my journey at this time.  Peace, love and joy.     Greta

Thank you for a wonderful year of insight, love and caring.  I really enjoy your kind, healing, warm and love-filled nature. What a blessing you are! I look forward to doing Reiki and much more next year.          Cindy 

I like going to see Janice, and "The Journey" was fun.  Janice helps kids to understand things that are going on in their lives.  She always includes everyone and makes them feel very safe.  Janice is friendly and funny and sometimes even a little bit cheeky.                 Hannah, aged 9. 

I don't know if I've ever told you, but you saved my life!   I honestly believe that if Raechel had not told me about you and your meditation classes and all the other classes I have done with you, I would not be alive today.   I was so full of stress and anxiety, I thought my head would explode.   I still fall in a hole ocassionally - but I know when I do it now, that I can take steps to rectify it - because of you.    Saying "thank you" doesn't seem enough - but I know you understand.                    Sue

From the moment that I met Janice, six years ago, I was drawn to her enormous sense of peace and warmth. Janice is a woman of enormous integrity with a deep love for all of creation. For many years, Jan has committed her life to assisting others to discover their inner beauty and wisdom,and to begin living a truly "authentic" life. She does this through her courses, but more importantly by example. Janice understands her Divine connection to each person she comes into contact with and always treats others with unconditional love and respect.
I have been fortunate to attend many of Jan'ce's courses and have become a Reiki Master/Teacher under her expert guidance. Janicehas certainly played a pivitol role in my journey of self discovery. She has helped me recognise my challenges and encouraged me to be the best me I can be.
I love my life, I love the me I have discovered and I am looking forward to continuing my journey of self discovery.                              Kristen

Time with Janice is like a visit to a Soul Spa,

You know it is good for you,

And you leave glowing from the inside.

Lots of love, Graham 


For a period of over 6 years I attended Janice's weekly Spiritual Development classes.  I learnt Reiki 1 and 2 with her and joined in  innumerable workshops including Palmistry, Angel and Pranic Healing.  I have had my palms read by Janice and experienced two wonderful Journey processes, ( and plan to do more ).  My children and their friends have also been to Janice for classes and readings. 
Janice has a marvellous knack of excelling at whatever she does.  She is a very knowledgeable and spiritual person whose energy is such that you always leave feeling happier, lighter and more informed than when you arrived.   Heard of " must-see movies ?"    Well,  Janice is a " must-see lady!! "               Kate


Håper det går bra med deg framover. Jeg tenker på deg. Du har gitt meg noen opplevelser som, helt ærlig, har vært rare for meg, men samtidig øyeåpnende.   Anton

Det er alltid så koselig å være sammen med deg, Janice.   Du er en flott kvinne og et vidunderlig menneske- jeg er takknemlig for å ha blitt kjent med deg. :-)    Kjempeklem fra Elisabeth

Tusen takk for ei berikende stund lørdag 10.oktober på Lillehammer. Din håndanalyse og veiledning var god. Takk !!!  Jeg er i utvikling. Jeg opplevde deg så nær, og føler ofte din nærhet i hverdagen. Har allerede brukt tipsene dine i forhold til min datter. Vennlig hilsen  Berit

Hei !   Vil bare fortelle at det var strålende å kunne få delta på handanalyse med Janice Haugen. Hun fortalte at hun skulle komme tilbake til Norge til våren for å holde Reiki- kurs.   Jeg ønsker veldig å delta på et slikt kurs og setter meg herved opp, hvis det lar seg gjøre allerede nå.  Jeg har lyst til å opleve mest mulig med henne når hun kommer tilbake så det er fint for meg å kunne få oversikt over hva hun kan tilby.    På forhånd takk  Vennlig hilsen  Berit E

LOVE IS THE KEY THAT WILL OPEN EVEN THE HARDEST HEART    Syntes at det passet så fint på deg   Ha det aller best, Janice!    Klem fra Tove Randi

Kjære Janice   Når jeg var i butikken å så den Engelen, kom ditt ansikt opp. Når jeg skulle sende den til deg, kom det opp at Engelen skulle reise aleine. Ikke noe kort....  Nå forstår jeg . Tusen takk for at du fortalte om lyset...  Du har en sterk utstråling , LYS.     Du er mitt forbilde når jeg gir reiki /healing. Jeg føler at du er nær når jeg healer. En Go og sterk følelse.   Du har lært meg /gitt meg en ro og at jeg skal stole på at det som skjer er det beste for den som ligger på benken. Jeg er ydmyk og takknemlig.  Tusen takk for at du er den Du er.  Tove

 Det var SÅ koselig å se deg igjen på Dyrehealingen (blir det noe diplom??) He-he. Blir alltid fylt av varme og glede når jeg ser DEG! Å sitte i samme rom som deg, er som en reiki-behandling i seg selv. :-DD   Elisabeth

Ellers håper vi inderlig at du tar en oppfølger til våren. Vi på kurs 1 har vel så og si meldt oss på  :-)  Og det er DU og bare DU som kan gi så mye dyktighet og varme  :-) ....så får vi evt. klare oss selv videre....:-)    Helen

Tusen takk Janice.. Jeg ble mye roligere, og forstår at jeg burde sendt denne mailen for noen år siden!! haha.. Jeg er jo verdens mester i og bekymre meg, og jeg tror jeg har bekymret meg mest for om Martin ikke fikk satt ord på det, at han skulle slutte skolen, eller bli alkoholiker (som ligger i familien).. eller noe annet fælt... jeg er super flink til å se for meg det verste. Ja, jeg skal jobbe med det!! ;-)))   Du har helt rett. Han er sterk, flink, følsom og omtenksom og stort sett godt humør. Han er veldig flink til å lukke ørene - så vi når ikke alltid inn, og han er til tider veldig rampete. Han er med i teater, og trives med det.   Tusen takk for at du fikk roet meg.. Jeg skal jobbe med bekymringene mine... de gjør ingen noe godt!!   Ønsker deg gode dager Janice. Ta vare på deg selv!    God klem fra Susanne

TUSEN TAKK!!!!    for at du kommer tilbake!!!    Det skjer alltid gode ting når du er her, det blir åpninger i universetet!  Inger-Hilde. 

Gleder meg til Gudinne retreat i Brønnøysund til mai 2012.  .  Camilla x







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