A Circle of Stones/Goddess Retreat 

This is a very popular annual event, where a maximum of six participants can attend.  It is held in the beautiful Riverdell Retreat near Gawler. 


The Circle of Stones is a beautiful retreat designed especially for woman, where we explore the lost rituals and rites of passage of woman.  The question "How would my life be different" is answered by exploring what woman has lost over the centuries, and how our lives would be different had we been able to access the wisdom and support that ancient women had.  We also understand how we can now regain this wisdom if we choose. We look at the pressure women feel in their daily lives, by (often) trying to be "Everything to Everyone", but in the process often losing themselves.

During the retreat we explore the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the women of ages ago, re-discovering the need to grieve, to go into our dark times, to support and acknowledge the beauty of the feminine.  It is, in a way, a “secret women’s business” retreat.

The two day  retreat is truly nurturing and healing, - but it is also quite challenging!   It allows participants to release old pain and to begin to understand and accept who they truly are.   It is a celebration of women as women!  It is a lovely Retreat to do on your own, with your daughter, a friend, a sister or even a group of friends!  It is also confronting - we have the opportunity to really look at the blockages, the lies that we have needed to live - just to survive!    And so it is not easy - but it is incredibly liberating :-)  

The photo above was taken in Norway in April, 2006, in an amazing Circle of Stones said to be at least 500 years old.  Janice's friends Kari and Elin are shown - as we were preparing to go into the centre of the Circle of Stones to meditate.  It was about minus 25 degrees that day!  A most incredible experience - as we believe these stones were used by women in their age-old rituals honouring the Divine Feminine. 

****  The Retreats are held  in the beautiful Riverdell Sanctuary  near Gawler.  The retreat is from 9.00am Saturday until 5pm Sunday.  Shared twin accommodation, all meals and all course materials are included (let me know early if you have special dietary needs).  No need to bring anything with you - except a change of clothing, a toothbrush and a pair of 'jamas.  Also, as a celebration, at the afternoon tea on the Sunday -  you may like to wear something special that you feel reflects you as a woman/Goddess! 

This retreat is limited to six participants!

Janice can also hold this retreat in other parts of South Australia if you have five friends who would like to do this beautiful healing retreat.  Suitable accommodation and catering arrangements need to be available.  Please send Janice an email - janthejourney@bigpond.com If you leave a contact number, she will ring you back at your prefrred time. 

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