Spiritual Development Workshop



We all have many spiritual gifts, sometimes called our sixth sense, sometimes intuition.   As children we may have been quite intuitively aware - perhaps even seeing a recently deceased grandparent or family pet come to visit - but told that we were seeing things, had a good imagination, or were making it up. Subsequently, we learnt not to trust these gifts and simply closed them down over time.

Janice has developed a beautiful one day workshop, where many spiritual gifts are explored, understood  and often regained - for we realise that we have never really lost them and that they are all quite natural to the Human Being.     Of course, we could actually spend a whole day on just one of these subjects - so the workshop/course is designed to give participants a "taste" of what they can develop if they so chose!                                                               

Subjects covered include -

MEDITATION - learning how to meditate for relaxation and insight, beginning to understanding the messages we receive during meditation (and dreams in fact), and how to apply them in our daily lives.  In the weekly course, dreams are discussed regularly in order to understand the messages they bring!

CARDS - working with several types of cards, to understand the different messages to assist with daily life issues, including Numerology, Medicine Cards, Druid messages etc.

COLOUR BREATHING - using colour to help clear blockages and to open and clear the chakras.  In understanding the messages within colours, we can gain an understanding as to what it means when we like some colours and not others.

VIKING RUNES - an ancient tool to gain insight into different aspects of life.

CHAKRA BALANCING - a fun way to help balance our chakras

THE IDEAL vs THE TRUTH - looking at the sabotage of the mind with its impossible ideals, in comparison with the truth within our Being. 

WATER - exploring the concept that weater has a consciousness, as per the work of Dr. Emoto.

MEDICINE CARDS - the Native American Medicine cards are used during the workshop to shed insight into a curenti ssue. During the weekly course the cards are more widely used, and towards the end of the course totems are chosen and fully understood.

VISION FEATHER/SMUDGING - a vision feather is made by participants, a Native American tool to gain insight during meditation of vision questing. Smudging is practiced and discussed.  Participants are encouraged to "find" their own feather - they are often found while walking or even mediating in the garden. (Janice has plenty of feathers - so you can choose one of hers if you would prefer!).

DRUMMING - Janice has two beautiful drums, made in the traditional Native American way. These are used to help find our inner rhythym with drumming, song and dance. Clap sticks are also used, plus a rattle to create an orchestra of amazing energy!  Again, participants are encouragd to bring their own drums etc.

CRYSTALS - we understand how to choose a crystal and then how to cleanse and tune into these beautiful Spiritual tools. Participants are encouraged to bring their own favourites, to share with others in the group how special these tools are!

AURAS - everyone can see an aura - we used to see them as small children. Janice shows participants how to see them, and how to understand what the colours mean.

YES/NO - a simple way to use your own body as a pendulum.

IMAGERY FOR PAIN - a gentle guided meditation is taught as a means to release pain.

PSYCHOMETRY - Janice shows participants how they too, can pick up vibrations from personal items.

A TIBETAN SAYING - a wise saying from the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, is discussed .  We look at how this can be used in our daily lives.

CHANTING, OHMING, TONING - a bit of light yet powerful relief, in using our voices.

GOLDEN/WHITE LIGHT/PROTECTION - a beautiful and simple way is taught, to understand that we are all connected, and that - by consciously connecting to the golden/white light of All that Is - we can maintain this sense of connectedness in our daily lives.   In fact, we work with this concept throughout the day, and so by the end of the workshop, we truly understand that we are all one - and that the golden/white light is part of All that Is - including us!  

REMEMBER .. as with all workshops ... Janice can arrange to come to your home and hold this workshop with 4 - 6 of your friends! YOU ATTEND FREE OF CHARGE, AS A SPECIAL "THANK YOU" GIFT if you have six friends.    A very special day!                                                                                        Or, of you prefer, you can register to attend the next Workshop to be held in Hope Valley.

Please email Janice - leave your telephone number and she will ring you back at your preferred time  - janthejourney@bigp;ond.com

Let Jan know if you are interested, and she'll organise a special day for you (and your friends if you like).   She will come to you and hold it in your home - or you can come to her home!

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