Your Life in your Hands - Palmistry

Janice has always been interested in analysing hands - even as a small child she used to watch people's hands. In fact her mother said that she would tend to like a person or not, just  by noticing their hands.

The way Janice analyses the hands has nothing to do with "fortune telling". In fact, she firmly believes that no one can tell anyone else what "they will do" - as free will is always involved. It is common sense that if someone decides to turn left at a cross roads instead of turning right or going straight ahead, their future can be dramatically changed. Therefore, Janice talks about possibilities and potential, often discussing natural gifts and talents that are not being tapped into. Sometimes past life influences are discussed.

Readings take approximately an hour, and clients can record the reading on the mobilesd if they choose. The personality, tendencies as well as patterns are discussed, as there is usually a way to break old patterns if they no longer serve a positive purpose. Questions such as "How many children will I have?" cannot be answered - because free will is always involved here. However, Janice can usually tell you how many children are there for you at the time of the reading, but you can always choose to have more or less than are shown at that time, and if you choose to change your life entirely - it will possibly affect how many children you may have! In actual fact our thoughts generally create the lines in the palm - so the lines are continually changing (another reason why no one can tell another what they WILL do). 

Prior to any reading, Janice always asks the client's angels/guides (as well as her own) to assist in the reading, for everyone's highest and best outcome. In this way, all questions are generally answered, but Janice prefers none are actually asked prior to the reading so that she can be a clear and open channel to what information needs to be focusedon.  Any questions you have in mind are usually answered during the reading, anyhow!

The readings are very personal, relevant and healing. If problems are indicated in the lines, a recommendation is usually also forthcoming - for the answer is usually shown as well. So while Janice cannot and will not tell a client what they WILL do, she can talk about the possible outcome surrounding any issues, thereby allowing clarity and insight to assist the client in the decision making process.

Janice often reads the palms of children, to help guide them with their school work, future careers or to help overcome any particular issues in  their lives.   The readings help the child see the truth of who they are, and help them to "tap into" their potential! 

She also offers PalmistryParties in your own home - you invite 4-6 friends for a morning/ afternoon/ evening/ full day - where Janice reads everyone's hands and we have a bit of fun in learning a lot about ourselves.  Often all the guests bring a plate for a shared meal - and sometimes a bottle of wine!

You can also organise a full day workshop in your home - a really fun way in which to gain insight into yourself and others.

AS A "THANK YOU" FROM JANICE IF SIX FRIENDS ATTEND, THE HOSTESS HAS A READING - OR ATTENDS THE WORKSHOP - FREE OF CHARGE.                                                                                                                                 

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