Pranic Crystal Healing


Pranic Crystal healing is using the pure energy of crystals as an instrument in healing.   The word "pranic" comes from the word “prana” which is a Sanskrit word meaning Universal Pure Life Force Energy – and during the workshop we learn to focus this energy for healing.

Crystals have the ability to absorb, store, project and focus subtle energies – much like a rechargeable battery.  We learn how to understand this ability and how to focus this powerful energy as a healing tool.

We learn how and why it is so essential to properly cleanse and programme our crystals if we are to use them for Pranic healing.  We begin to understand how to care for these beautiful tools.

During the workshop we learn how crystals have an activating effect on chakras, and learn how to do this safely.

If participants have a laser crystal (sometimes called a wand), they are invited to bring it to the workshop - however, Janice has some that can be borrowed for the Workshop.  

REMEMBER .. as with all workshops ... Janice can arrange to come to your home and hold this workshop with a minimum of four of your friends! YOU ATTEND FREE OF CHARGE, AS A SPECIAL "THANK YOU" GIFT.    A very special day!   Or, of you prefer, you can register to attend the next Workshop to be held in Hope Valley.

Brandon developed the Journey process while curing herself of a football sized tumour in her body some years ago. She has written three books - The Journey, The Journey for Kids and Freedom Is.  She has nearly finished another book.   She has many beautiful meditation cds. as well as cards and other material. Many different types of workshops are held regularly in countries all over the world, with dates and venues  available from her website. These workshops are thoroughly recommended, for they allow participants to experience release, inner peace, a sense of who they really are - resulting in a sense of awe and freedom - and they also get the opportunity to virtually bathe in the presence of a Master! Perhaps even more importantly, participants gain the ability, and are encouraged, to work on themselves in the future, or swap Journey process with other participants. Brandon's website is


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