The Ancient Ba'gua

This is an easy to follow full day workshop, where participants decorate their own especially made laupan (supplied), and work on the energies of their own home/space. The Ancient Ba’gua combines the energies of the eight directions, nature, a bit of Feng Shui and the I-Ching. Hundreds of years ago, a number of practitioners of chi came onto the scene, who strove to analyse the movement of energy (or chi). Such experiments led to the formulation of an energy map called the ba’gua. Its use helps in developing positive and intuitive understanding of the energies within your home/space. The Ba'gua philosophy is that all energy can be enhanced - that nothing is right or wrong - it is up to us as individuals to enhance what we have, through the use of the laupan.

Some people suggest this is the most ancient method of Feng Shui, as it relates to the chi of space as well as the people who occupy that space, and is not overly concerned with money, but more with abundance of all things.

The wooden laupan has the eight tri-grams of the I-Ching, representing characteristics relating to nature, man, family, and relationships. During the workshop the octagon is superimposed on the participant's house plan, and by using their own laupan - see photo to the right -  participants are taught to harmonise their own aspects to nature and the environment to enhance the chi in their space.

Participants need to bring with them the date and time of their own birth, also of anyone else who lives in the home! They must also bring a “to scale” drawing of their home - this should be about the size of an A4 sheet of paper. The direction of north should be clearly shown.

Participant's own personal, especially-made laupan for them to decorate during the workshop,  is included in the workshop cost.

REMEMBER .. as with all workshops ... Janice can arrange to come to your home and hold this workshop with a minimum of four of your friends! YOU ATTEND FREE OF CHARGE, AS A SPECIAL "THANK YOU" GIFT.   Or, if you prefer, you can register to attend the next Workshop to be held in Hope Valley.

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