Discovering the Authentic Me

Questions to ask, in considering whether this two day workshop is for you, include-

* Why am I so careful to see that no one gets hurt? No one, that is, but myself?

* Have I ever become so absorbed in other peopleís problems that I donít have time to identify, or solve, my own?

* Do I care so deeply about other people that I have forgotten how to care for myself?

* Do I feel the need to control events and people around me, because I feel everything around and inside me is out of control?

* Do I feel responsible for so much because the people around me feel responsible for so little?

* Do I need to learn to live and love again?

* How do I feel about changing myself?

* What do I think would happen if I began to change?

* Do I believe I can change?

* Do I keep my emotions so under control, that I no longer feel anything at all

If any of these questions touch you deeply and apply to who you feel you are, then perhaps you have lost sight of your Authentic Self, and maybe it is time to re-discover who you really are!  The above questions, and more, will be answered in this weekend workshop.  We really begin to understand the triangle of power (shown above) and really see how it has impacted on our lives.

Participants learn to understand how we all "play the game" which we (usually) learned as children in order to survive.  This is a challenging workshop, where old patterns emerge and are challenged, where choices are made as to whether we will continue as we are or whether we will take what we have learned in our life's journey so far and shift our focus to see the patterns involved - and this allows us to become who we truly are - we re-discover our Authentic Self!

NB  this workshop is offered as a Retreat from time to time, depending on interest.

REMEMBER .. as with all workshops ... Janice can arrange to come to your home and hold this workshop with a minimum of six of your friends! YOU ATTEND FREE OF CHARGE, AS A SPECIAL "THANK YOU" GIFT.  Or, if you prefer, you can register to attend the next Workshop to be held in Hope Valley.

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