Janice's Healing Journeys

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About Janice Janice has been working with spiritual energies for over 40 years.
Venue Janice has recently moved from the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.
The Journey Janice is an Internationally Accredited Journey Practitioner, having completed an intensive training program with Brandon Bays. 
Reiki When you accidentally hurt yourself, it is quite natural to give that part of you a little rub - our natural tendency to give ourselves hands-on healing. This gift of natural healing can be enhanced by learning Reiki.
Have you ever gazed at the lines in your hands, and wondered what they mean? Or perhaps noticed that they change from time to time? Perhaps it's time to have a Hand Analysis (palm reading) - or attend a workshop to learn how to do it yourself!
Spiritual Development
Develop your "sixth sense" by attending a Spiritual Development workshop or course with Janice.
Angels workshop A beautiful full day workshop to help participants connect and work with their angels.
Pranic Crystal  Healing A full day workshop where participants explore the healing available through the energy of crystals
  Ancient Bag'ua The Ancient Ba'gua is said to be the oldest method of Feng Shui, and is concerned with enhancing the positive aspects of your environment.
  Circle of Stones/Goddess Retreat In The Circle of Stones/Goddess Retreat the question is asked "How would my life be different"?   A gentle and nurturing workshop for women.
The Reconnection Janice has undertaken extensive and personal training with Dr. Eric Pearl, the founder of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.
  The Authentic Me The Authentic Me workshop helps participants understand how they have lost their Authentic Self by trying to live up to the expectations of self and others.


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